Number one on the System and Display markets 

inBliss Smart System

Innovative and user friendly system saves employee resources, enhances the use of facilities and increases safety and cost savings. Our supply includes inBliss Space Reservation, Visitor Management, Digital Signage content management, Internal Communication, Smart IoT Sensory system and Mobile Applications.

inBliss Display Solutions

inBliss provides the highest quality display solutions in the market and i.a. the only certificated elevator display supplier of KONE. inBliss Displays are framed with inBliss Frame™ (Patented in Finland and in USA). The framing extends the lifesicle, emphasizes content and integrates it into the interior and covers all technology.


inBliss helps and consults with the system and display purchases with more than 10 years experience. We do everything from planning to executions and installations. Our own proactive Service and Maintenance team knows our every client and Help Desk answers to all of the questions. 



inBliss Space Management

inBliss Space Management system is the most comprehensive and user friendly reservation system on the market for spaces, workstations, parking spots, devices and catering.

inBliss Visitor Management

inBliss Visitor Management system is the most advanced system on for managing visitors with a wide range of applications that make your visit effortless and easy and saves resources.

inBliss All in One Smart Building System

The cloud-based inBliss All in One Smart Building System boosts the everyday use of properties and organizations and improves user experience. The system includes all of the most well-known Real Estate, Premises, Display and Visitor Management systems.
"The inBliss Smart Building solution works quickly and effortlessly. The data can be entered particularly quickly into the system, thus it instantly updates all the information within the whole system. With the new inBliss Visitor Management solution, receiving guests is faster than ever before. We recommend the solution to others as well."
Meclu Business Baanan lobby personnel
The property features inBliss Space Management system with doorway displays, Visitor Management system, Information Centers, and Meeting Room with Auditorium Technology.



inBliss References


Neste is one of the largest companies in Finland and is known as the world’s largest producer of renewable aviation fuel and diesel.


Over a 100 year old manufacturer of elevators, escalators and doors has offices in 60 countries. inBliss Ltd. is the only certified elevator display supplier of KONE.


Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company is one of the largest investors, employment pension insurance companies and organizations in Finland.






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