inBliss Smart Building

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The flexible and modular inBliss system is always suitable from a single lobby information center to a complete system for an entire property or even a multifunctional building complex or a large shopping center.
The cloud-based solution can include up-to-date guidance, wayfinding, bookings, reservations, internal & external information sharing, space management, visitor management, advertising, atmospheric content, and various search and presentation functions. The entire system and display content can be managed from the single console via inBliss interface in the browser.  
We consider the customer’s needs individually and we design site-specific, visually appealing solutions. Our products and the content are fully customizable, thus they fit in any environment.
InBliss systems and comprehensive solutions bring cost savings to companies by reducing personnel and lifecycle costs. The products and services have the highest degree of domesticity in the marketplace and a long-term product warranty of up to 5 years. The system includes versatile Smart Builduing solutions for reservation, guest management, space management, wayfinding and external & internal info systems with unique and patented highly visual AV and DS systems.

All the needs in the same system

Digital space solutions are developed to effectively guide new and renovated buildings and spaces. These solutions can e.g. enhance visitor and space management, show automatic reservations, provide information in a modern way, increase marketing efficiency, and provide a highly visual digital experience.
With an easy content management features we create, update, and schedule display content as needed in order to fulfill all the customer needs.
InBliss display solutions with patented inBliss Frame™ -framing solution and versatile content functions allows the display solutions to be suitable for everywhere e.g. lobbies, elevators, meeting rooms, auditoriums and restaurants, and outdoor areas.
We always offer the best possible industry-standard and long-lasting hardware as well as flexible and user-friendly software for the site.

Customer-specific customized solutions

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Our team designs the best possible solution to serve customer's goals. We consider all the needs of the customer and deliver the most suitable solution for them. 
Already-developed inBliss products and collections include solutions that can be delivered quickly and easily to fulfill all the basic and diverse needs of a property. 
Concept design and site-specific customization features enables customized system solution delivery for demanding sites or individual plans.
Scalable inBliss Smart System can be edited, upgraded and expanded as objectives and activities of the customer change. 

Easy installation and flexible maintenance

inBliss is known for its expert installers and its own service and maintenance team. We carry out the installation of all equipments and content.
We always offer a suitable service and maintenance contract for the building. Our own local and reliable team takes care of maintenance proactively. The same Help Desk is always helpful on content issues as well.  

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