inBliss Digital Signage

- Info Display System

inBliss Digital Signage

- Info Display System

Flexible cloud-based service

Flexible cloud-based service

inBliss Smart System is an entire smart property solution where information is updated and managed from the browser's easy-to-navigate interface as a cloud-based service.


Content is automatically updated in the inBliss cloud environment for all the screens indoors and outdoors, in elevators, as well as in mobile applications. 


We think information is important but the way how to share it is the most essential part of it.


inBliss is known for its stunning screens of various sizes and models. inBliss displays always cover all the needed information and present it in the best possible way. The display solutions are framed with the patented inBliss Frame™-framing solution that fits in all kind of spaces and areas and is fully customizable. 


The content is always presented in a stylish way and in accordance with the look of the property. 


All-inclusive content

You can select content for the destination from more than 20 preset options. In addition to the familiar content, there is an extensive archive of atmospheric experience and landscape films.


The user interface is an easy and clear, as it only shows the functions currently in use.


The entire service is in the inBliss cloud environment, and as property needs change, content features can be easily updated. 

inBliss Guidance screens

inBliss Guidance screens replace expensive and cumbersome print guidance. They share information and guidance on property walls and elevators, as well as on movable foot models on floors and tables.


They can be used to display floor lists, routes, acute messages, customized guidance, and much more.


Guidance screens are controlled from the same user interface in the browser and their uses can also be changed. 

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