Samples of integrations with the inBliss system

Samples of integrations with the inBliss system

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The integration between inBliss Space Management and MS Outlook Exchange allows you to reserve premises and services seamlessly. 



In many lobbies, the daily menus displayed on the inBliss Info screens and inBliss restaurant screens are automatically retrieved by inBliss from another systems. This eliminates the need to type them separately in the inBliss system. This means menus edited, for example, by restaurants are automatically updated in all screens in the building, making it easy to update the menus daily. 


Property technology

The information on solar energy and water consumption displayed in the inBliss screens is obtained directly from the building services (HVAC). 


Access control

The visitor receives a PIN code from the inBliss Visitor Management system which allows access to e.g. locked elevators, to the right floor, and through the locked doors. 



The sensors send information to the inBliss system, e.g. about presence and air quality in meeting rooms, the number of people passing through the doors and the utilization of hand towels. Simultaneously, the information goes to the busy signals, doorway displays, and summary screens. 


Up-to-date info

Dozens of inBliss info screens display up-to-date weather information, news and commuter schedules via interfaces.


Integration between the inBliss system and other systems is based on APIs, Add-ins, and file transfer interfaces. This allows flexible integration of different functionalities into the same operating environment.


Ready-made interfaces are available with small customizations.


When you contact us, our development team will research the implementation of the new interfaces on a case-by-case basis. 

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