Smart IoT Sensors

Presence information

Smart IoT sensors are a new technology. Small and intelligent assistants that provide up-to-date information to the inBliss Smart System.
Presence sensors provide information for automatic reservations and releases of rooms, workstations and desks.
inBliss Display
It is enough for the user to enter the door or leave the room for the sensors report the status of the space into the inBliss Smart system.
The data can be analyzed for the property development to outline what types of spaces are active at any given time during the day. 
External conditions affect energy levels and performance.
Condition sensors provide up-to-date information on room temperature, barometric pressure and humidity.

Booking automation

The information transmitted by the sensors in the inBliss Smart System is automatically transferred to the inBliss browser interface, mobile applications, doorway and lobby displays. 
ad hoc
The lobby display shows at a glance the overall situation of space reservations and the free spaces on the floor map of the space. 
The reservation and release of a workstation or space can be fully automated by using sensors. 
The inBliss system combines the latest Smart IoT sensor technology with traditional booking methods according to the needs of the property.
The sensors are integrated into the system, which means that the information obtained from them is also synchronized to all desired locations. 

Busy signals

The busy signal lights are integrated into the inBliss Smart System and works in sync with it. The actual light functions are easily manageable in the system. The addition of new lights and adjusting the desired colors and shades on the lights have been made easy within the system. 
The color of the lights defaults to red in busy mode and green in free mode.  
The person's arrival turns the busy signal light red. Also, the space indicator turns red on any screens where the floor plan and spaces are shown as well as on the inBliss applications.
Stylish color-coded LED lights show the situation of the space from far away, thus there is no need to waste time searching for free spaces.
There are several models of indicator lights, e.g. narrow ovals and a dim LEDs.

Quantities and distances

Information from distance and visitor counters is often helpful in even surprising features. This is how we take advantage of them. 
Material consumption is monitored by distance sensors. For example, attaching a sensor to a paper towel tray tells the system when more paper is needed and no unnecessary maintenance visits are required. 
In visitor counting, the sensors at the doors and corridors indicate the occupancy rate of the premises. Data analysis helps in property development and service planning. 

Durable and agile technology

The sensors have a lot of use and customization possibilities. 
In addition to the inBliss features we introduced, their data can also be collected and displayed in a browser and on screens in many ways. 
The sensors are inexpensive and installation is fast and easy. Even their batteries last for years. 
The sensors are safe and secure technology. They operate on their own stable wireless LAN. 

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