inBliss Space Management


An all-encompassing system

In connection with the space booking, it is often necessary to reserve catering as well. It is also desirable to reserve parking spaces in advance, and booking fees must be updated directly on the billing report.
Often, bookings have to be able to be made with phone or directly on the company’s Outlook calendar. Reservations must also be updated in the real time on the displays in the lobby and on doorway screens.
That is why we developed the inBliss Space Management system that covers all possible reservation needs. 

Booking calendar in the browser

With inBliss Space Management system that works in the browser, you can view and reserve spaces and rooms in day and week views as well as you can see available rooms from the floor plan.
The spaces can also be classified on the basis of equipment or interior design, thus you can search for vacant spaces that are just right for your event.
All your bookings are conveniently displayed in a list.

inBliss Space Management on Mobile

The fastest way to book spaces on the go is the inBliss Space Management Application, made for both iOS and Android phones.
The data is synchronized with the browser system, doorway displays, and guidance screens in the same cloud-based service.
The Space Management system on the mobile is available as a standalone inBliss Space Management App or as part of the larger inBliss Real Estate Application. 

inBliss Doorway Displays

Interactive inBliss doorway displays are always framed and customized in a way that matches the interior.
The doorway displays are updated directly from the inBliss Space Management system and show the current and next reservations, taking into account the desired level of confidentiality.
inBliss Ad-hoc doorway displays reserve or release the space with just one simple click.

Catering Booking

In addition to reserving facilities or rooms, inBliss Space Management system can also be used to order meals to the meetings from restaurants in the near area.
The person who makes the order and restaurant will receive automatic emails about the services served while the information is transferred to the reporting system for billing.
The catering functions of the system have been designed in collaboration with experts in the restaurant industry.  
ad hoc

inBliss Ad-hoc Space Reservation system

inBliss Ad-hoc Space Reservation system is developed for flexible spaces that has to be reserved and released with just a few clicks. This kind of spaces include e.g. school libraries, multifunctional offices, common meeting rooms, and so on. The desired time of the reservation is easily adjusted from the timeline on the screen.
Ad-hoc bookable spaces are clicked to be booked or vacated on the room's own doorway screen or on the common Ad-hoc display screen. The common Ad-hoc display screen shows the booking status of the entire area with color codes on the floor plan. Smart IoT-sensors can also be integrated into Ad-hoc system. These sensors automatically updates the information if the space is in use or vacated, thus there will not be need even for touching the screen anymore. With Smart IoT-sensor technology, we took the space management into the next level.
If the facilities are subject to a fee, you will be logged in with your own pin code.

Outlook integration

If the building or institution uses Outlook calendar, an easy-to-use add-in feature of inBliss Space Management will be implemented in order to enhance space management features.
Then the space reserving happens still in the familiar Outlook calendar which is in sync with the inBliss Space Management system via our add-in feature.
Booking information is also synchronized directly from Outlook calendar to restaurants as well as to doorway and lobby displays.

IoT-Sensors and Indicator signs

Small smart IoT-sensors automate functions. Meeting rooms, workstations, and ad-hoc spaces can be booked and vacated automatically just by navigating in the space.
Sensor data is used to obtain information on the occupancy rate of the premises, which can be used in the development of the property.
Indicator lights mounted on or above the doorway receive presence information from the sensors and already show far away which spaces are available.

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