inBliss Visitor Management

inBliss Visitor Management is a versatile application in the inBliss system. It can work on the stylish information display in the lobby or on graceful mini tablets, eliminating the need for separate registration solutions that are not suitable for the interior. 
From the same information display, visitors get all the information they need and can take a video call to the specific company or to a lobbyist sitting further away if needed. 
The visit is registered in advance from the inBliss interface, the inBliss Space Management application or the integrated Outlook calendar.
The visitor can register with the lobby person or independently at the inBliss Information Center or on a mini tablet located at the lobby.
The visit policy is implemented on a site-by-site basis. After registration, the visitor can receive a visitor's card or a welcome message and directions to the information screen or to the meeting space. If needed, visitors can get all the information directly to their own phone as well.
The person who has organized or arranged the meeting, gets a message via SMS upon the visitor's arrival and a call link to visitor's phone. The texts of the messages are freely editable. 
inBliss Visitor Management is a versatile tool that is deployed to a destination according to its needs. 
There may be several different ways to receive guests on the same property.
If necessary, the inBliss Visitor Management system can be integrated into the property’s access control and the opening of elevators and code locks. These functions provide the visiting experience run smoothly and effortlessly.
In large and busy destinations, avoiding long registration lines at peak times is easily done with multiple check-in points.
Alternatively, separate check-in points can be provided for different visitor groups who visit the property on a regular basis.
This way, no queues are created, and the privacy of visitors is respected.
Check-in points can be implemented on elegantly framed tablets or larger touch screens with the desired type of casing and installation.

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