inBliss Elevator Displays

inBliss Elevator Displays

Technical competence

The elevator is always an exceptionally demanding environment to implement a display solution into it. inBliss is a pioneer in elevator display solutions. Years of technical product development and cooperation together with KONE guarantees a safe, secure and stylish AV solutions for elevators.

All in One -solution

inBliss takes care of everything from designing to maintenance. The inBliss comprehensive elevator solution include customized display and audio systems, structures, mounting and patented frames, safety glass, customizable content and software. 

Extensive collection

Our elevator display collection consist of several solutions that are already developed. Screens of various sizes encased on the elevator wall, wall-wide solutions behind the safety glass, thin, light and colorful OLED screens and reflective magic mirror display solutions. Customer can also fully customize the display solution as desired.


inBliss Elevator display solutions can be installed in new elevators or add modernization in an old elevator. The screens can be integrated into elevators from all elevator manufacturers. Many elevators are unique and require a unique display solution. Our tailor-made solutions are perfect for any destination. 

For small and large elevators

inBliss' largest solution in the elevator covers all elevator walls. In contrast, sometimes just a narrow area is needed to be covered. Then we frame one or more 10″ screens to bring digital guidance to even a tiny space. 

Elevator system integration

Our own software development team makes interfaces between different systems. It can also be integrated into the elevator function. For example, the screen can display the illusion of a creative video of an ascent to the 30th floor, with the ascent actually only a couple of floors.

Versatile content

The elevator is an excellent environment for diverse atmospheric, info or marketing content. It can change on a timed basis or work with a motion sensor or a touch screen tablet.

Content management

The content is managed from an easy-to-use browser interface along with the screens of the site. If necessary, our maintenance service is also always there to help you. 

Mood windows

inBliss' offering also includes an extensive archive of high-4K-quality, in-place filmed atmospheric movies that extend the space and change moods in the style of a virtual window.