Why inBliss

Stella Business Park
The innovative and intelligent inBliss offering is represented in stunning locations, Finland’s largest companies and business parks, libraries and museums.
The comprehensive inBliss system seamlessly integrates versatile software with a high-quality hardware and modern IoT technology in order to provide exclusive Smart Building solutions.

Own service and maintenance

Reliability is a matter of honor. Our service and maintenance is not built on subcontracting chains and changing people. Our own inBliss service team proactively monitors customers. At the inBliss Help Desk, the same people know all the products and know how to help with problem situations as well as content issues. 
inBliss infonäyttö

The most domestic

We use all the possible domestic parts in our products. Frames and structures are Finnish as well as The inBliss Smart System has been created from the beginning by our own product development team. Coding and maintenance are still handled from our HQ's in Helsinki, Finland. Only hardware devices are from the industry's leading international manufacturers.

Moods and well-being

We think that well-being is most important. We want to be at the forefront of Finnish well-being technology expertise. Our digital content tricks senses in the body and gives the brain the break it needs with relaxing sound and movie landscapes. More inBliss well-being technology is coming. 

Technical quality

inBliss system is result of our own product development. Therefore, we can also take into account customer needs and time trends and customize an agile system. Our design engineer always plans the highest quality equipment configuration for each object.

Individual solutions

Because many of our customers are at the forefront of their field, individuality is also required of the system. We have the most versatile product range in the industry, but we also do customization, integrations and individual implementations for even the most demanding buildings.  

Easy management

Initially, we tested the systems on the market and found them difficult to use. We decided to make our inBliss interface the easiest to use so anyone can make reservations, update content and add information easily.


In inBliss, everything is beautiful. The devices are elegantly framed and the technology is hidden. The interface is also clearly pleasant. The content is implemented with the desired look.
inBliss Elevator

Long life cycle

Our cost level is competitive in many ways. In inBliss Smart System, many functions can be combined and automated. Our organization is an agile and does not include industry-specific subcontracting chains. The devices are always new models according to the industry standard, with years of warranty and long life cycle. The modern inBliss Smart System can be updated and the content modified as the functions of the building changes, making the solution like new even years after acquisition. 

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