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inBliss Info Center

In addition to the main screen in lobby, the interactive wall-mounted or free-standing and mobile inBliss Information Center has a tablet-sized control panel for an easy content selection. The content package offers access to comprehensive content options. It can include contents such as the destination's own info and marketing, personalized guidance solution, news, weather, commuter schedules and social media channels. 


Guests can check-in independently at the inBliss Information Center, eliminating the need for separate registration system. inBliss Visitor Management system is an application that works on a stylish inBliss Information Center, on separate lobby tablets or on own touch screen solution. It is a smart, functional and modern tool for lobby staff or alternatively is used to manage the visitors of the entire building. The solution brings cost savings and can replace the lobby staff. It takes the visiting experience on the next level. 

Remote reception

inBliss Remote Reception is a video calling application that opens a two-way video and / or audio connection. Guests can call receptionist sitting farther away from the information center or directly to a desired company in the same building. 
The inBliss Remote Reception application can also work as part of an information center, on a tablet or on your own touch screen display of the desired size. 

Video doorbell

The inBliss Video Doorbell allows a person in the lobby to open a door further away and see the people waiting at the door. The casing of the desired color has a camera, a doorbell, and a 10” inBliss display. The default content can be e.g. instructions to ring the doorbell and a business listing. Different contents can be changed from the touch buttons while waiting.
inBliss Infonäyttö

Information Display

inBliss Information Displays are stylish lobby solutions that cover all the necessary content and are framed to suit the environment perfectly. The information display can be as small as 10" or as large as 98″. Content can be divided into desired areas on the screen. Comfort can be increased with highly visual inBliss atmospheric movies.  


The contents of the inBliss Information Displays and Info Centers are easily managed from inBliss interface on the browser. The content selection covers comprehensive options such as floor listing, guidance, real estate information, advertising, acute messages, desired websites, menus, schedules, news and weather reports. Also, desired integration with external systems is possible. 
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inBliss Ovenpielinäyttö

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