inBliss Restaurant displays

inBliss Restaurant Display solutions make restaurant experience easier, faster and attractive. Our Restaurant Displays offer highly visual menu options that are easily manageable in the browser. Food options, special diets, and prices can be presented clearly and in the right place.
The look of the inBliss Restaurant Display is always made to suit the interior and atmosphere of the restaurant.
inBliss Restaurant Display solutions are developed together with restaurant industry experts. Our versatile solution save time and effort from the staff. We make restaurants run smoothly.
inBliss Restaurant Display solutions can be fully customized and make to fit in any kind of restaurant environment. Our display solutions on the restaurant walls can bring different atmospheres into the restaurant as well if wanted. All the inBliss displays in the restaurant work sync and are manageable in the cloud environment. 
Long food lines displays are a stylish and neat solution for presenting the contents and diet of different food server.
When food changes or runs out, the screen can be refreshed with a few clicks on the inBliss browser UI. Also, smart IoT sensor technology can be used to enhance the utilization of the whole restaurant. Such technology can e.g tell the staff when the specific food counter is empty or when tables are reserved or vacated. 

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