inBliss Infonäyttö


The inBliss system can be acquired in the most convenient way for the company, either by purchase or lease.
The leasing period we offer is typically 48 months. Other lengths are also possible.
After the agreed period, the leasing can be extended or the solution can be redeemed at a separately agreed low price.
The inBliss system is a long-life solution. According to our customers' experience, the look and functionality is like new for years to come, even after the end of the leasing period. We constantly update our software and system, thus it is always up to date.
Service agreement is available as well.


Acquisition is invoiced as a purchase when it is the most appropriate practice for the customer.
Larger purchases follow a schedule of the completion of the site or renovation, or is otherwise agreed upon and recorded in the order confirmation. 
In addition to the purchase, a service and maintenance contract can be drawn up in connection with the order or when the system is put into operation.
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inBliss Hissinäyttö

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