Terms and conditions

1. Application

These delivery terms apply to the trade in products, total solutions, consulting plans and services (later delivery) between inBliss Oy (later inBliss) and the customer (later Customer), unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing. inBliss does not accept without agreement the general terms and conditions of the Customers or third parties that are in conflict with or deviate from these delivery terms. This also applies to situations where inBliss has not specifically criticized these general terms and conditions of the Customer or where inBliss delivers the delivery without reservation or without reference to these delivery terms. These delivery terms are only deviated from if agreed in writing by both parties.

2. inBliss Delivery, Products and Services

inBliss produces, resells and integrates complete digital interior design and space and visitor management solutions, as well as products and services such as digital signage, information, guidance, reservation and video calling software and hardware, mobile applications, professional displays, the company's patented modular inBliss Frame solution, projectors and sound systems, UHD 4K films and film production, installation and maintenance of complete systems, as well as consulting, design and training of digital solutions.

3. Customer

Customer is a party who, on the basis of a written offer received from inBliss, gives him an order, or whose order or order placed by e-mail or telephone has otherwise been accepted by inBliss. inBliss may, in its sole discretion, select its customers or set conditions for the customership.

4. Planning of the delivery

inBliss is responsible for the design and implementation of the solution to be delivered in accordance with the delivery content presented in the offer. The solution offered to the customer takes into account the customer's needs and views within the framework of the conditions set by the technology and functionality. The customer undertakes to provide the information required for the design, including any information it has obtained from any third-party consultants.

5. Offer

The offer made by inBliss defines the content of the Delivery and special terms and conditions that deviate from these delivery terms. The terms and conditions specified in the offer take precedence over these terms and conditions. inBliss provides all preliminary delivery information and cost estimates without obligation,
unless otherwise noted. inBliss reserves the right to change the content of the offer if the product offering or availability changes, or unless otherwise agreed.

6. Binding of the offer

Offers made by inBliss are not binding unless otherwise stated in writing. inBliss reserves the right to change offers as the order becomes more specific and if the prices of products or services change.

7. Agreement of order

An order agreement is entered into between inBliss and the customer when the customer has accepted a written offer made by inBliss or when the customer has placed a direct order or order for inBliss orally, in writing, by e-mail, via the Internet or by telephone.

8. Delivery

The prices quoted in the offer include the listed products and installations. If the installation time increases significantly from the planned time for a reason other than inBliss's responsibility, eg the object is not in the working and suitable condition for installation or the object's network connection is not working or other installation-relevant matters change or are missing, the Customer pays the costs on the basis of actual costs.
Shipping and transport costs and any additional costs will be charged by inBliss separately according to the actual costs. Delivery is considered accepted when it has been delivered to the customer by e-mail (plan, consultation) or installed at a customer-specified location.

8. Delivery time

inBliss will deliver the delivery at the agreed time. Delivery times stated by inBliss are not binding unless a specific delivery time has been explicitly agreed. If no delivery time has been agreed, inBliss will deliver the ordered delivery immediately or as soon as it is ready or available. inBliss is not responsible for delays due to third parties, such as equipment suppliers and will not reimburse any costs incurred.
If inBliss has overdue receivables from the Customer, inBliss has the right to refrain from the agreed deliveries until the overdue payments have been made. In this case, the agreed delivery time is deemed to have been postponed accordingly and the Customer is not entitled to make any claims to inBliss due to this delay.

10. Delivery price

The Customer pays for the costs in accordance with the Order Agreement and / or the offer and / or otherwise separately agreed.
The design and installation costs offered and priced by inBliss have been made on the basis of information received from the delivery according to the best estimate. If the workload increases significantly based on an estimate based on the information provided, inBliss will invoice the Customer and the Customer will pay the increased costs based on actual workloads or increased equipment and / or supplies. The design of the solution to be delivered will be charged to the Customer according to the amount of work completed, either as a separate purchase or as part of the overall solution.
inBliss also reserves the right to charge direct costs related to the execution of the assignment, such as travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.

11. Service and maintenance agreement

inBliss offers its customers the opportunity to enter into a service and maintenance agreement, which enables the Customer to receive an agreed monthly amount of service and maintenance services for a basic monthly fee specified in the price list. In excess of the agreed amount, the Customer will receive the services at a reduced contract price specified in the price list.
If the Customer does not have a service and maintenance agreement with inBliss, the one-time price list prices apply.

12. Payment Terms and Billing

inBliss invoices the Delivery costs at the agreed time. The Customer undertakes to pay the invoice within the payment period.
The invoice payment period is 14 days net, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The customer is obliged to pay default interest on the late payment in accordance with the applicable Interest Act. Interest on arrears will be invoiced separately. The Customer knows that inBliss may transfer its receivables from the Customer to third parties. If the delivery includes a leasing purchase, the payment terms are agreed between the Customer and the leasing company. If the customer has not signed the leasing agreement on time, inBliss has the right to invoice the entire amount as a one-time purchase cost directly from the Customer, and the Customer is obliged to pay the inBliss invoice. 
The creation of the order contract includes fifty (50) percent of the invoice or at least three thousand (3,000) euros as the first installment, unless otherwise stated in the Offer.
The order contract is created less than four (4) months before the time of Delivery, inB ttaa from the Customer ten (80) orders of the total value of the invoice. The value of the order is less than three thousand (3,000) euros, the order will be invoiced after the Order's Order Agreement is fully formed.
inBliss has the right to invoice the Customer Purchases (such as services, equipment and software) according to the order contract or otherwise agreed in writing with the Customer directly when the expense is incurred. inBliss invoices the Customer for the service and maintenance work performed either in accordance with the lower price specified in the Service and Maintenance Agreement or, if no Service and Maintenance agreement has been signed, in accordance with the valid inBliss service price list, starting at €75/h for equipment and €90/h for software service and maintenance work.
If the Customer neglects invoicing for equipment deliveries, system or service and maintenance work, inBliss has the right to stop the service and maintenance service, including shutting down the cloud service, until all invoices have been paid. In addition, in order to avoid misunderstandings by end customers, inBliss has the right, after giving a written warning, to publish a notice informing about the situation on the displays of the property, such as "The system is out of use due to the neglected payments of the subscriber".

13. Currency Conditions

The invoice is paid primarily in euros. If the price is based on a foreign currency and that currency is substantially stronger than it was in the Offer, inBliss has the right to change the euro price of the product before delivery of the product in proportion to the exchange rate of that currency.

14. Damages and Cancellations

The customer has no right to cancel the order after the Order Agreement. inBliss has the right to cancel the said order agreement or postpone the delivery time if the Delivery becomes difficult or canceled for a reason other than inBliss' responsibility, eg the customer's network connection is not working, the renovation is not completed on time or there are not enough participants for training. inBliss will inform immediately after the reason for cancellation has arisen. inBliss has no obligation to compensate the customer for the cancellation.
In the event of a cancellation, inBliss will refund the fees paid by the customer less any costs already incurred in connection with the Delivery, such as, but not limited to, delivery planning costs, travel and accommodation costs, equipment and subcontracting costs and work performed by inBliss staff. In addition, at least ten (10) percent of the total amount to be canceled will not be refunded as cancellation costs.
The cancellation does not affect the agreements between inBliss and the customer for other services. However, if it becomes impossible to provide these due to the cancellation of the Delivery, inBliss has the right to cancel these other services on similar terms.

15. Ownership, Liability and Warranty

The ownership of the transaction object is transferred to the Customer when the purchase price has been paid in full. inBliss reserves ownership of the Delivery until the full purchase price has been paid. The responsibility for the risk passes to the Customer when the equipment contained in the Delivery Content is on the Customer's premises.
inBliss makes no warranties with respect to Delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The equipment supplied by inBliss has a manufacturer's warranty, which is usually three years and can be withdrawn at an additional price offered by the equipment manufacturer, separately agreed in writing for five years. InBliss provides more detailed information about the manufacturer's warranty, warranty replacement and / or replacement services on behalf of the manufacturer, if applicable. In general, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, lightning, or other natural event, normal wear and tear, careless use, or improper handling. Generally, the manufacturer grants a new warranty for goods replaced or refurbished under the warranty until the end of the original warranty period.

16. Insurance

The Customer shall obtain insurance for the content of the Order at his own expense. The customer must agree on the insurance arrangements himself.

17. Other liabilities

inBliss executes the Order in accordance with the Order Agreement. inBliss is not responsible for the Products or Services of third parties or related costs, such as hardware failures, the IT network or integration interfaces or related work of other parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing. inBliss's liability is always and in all cases limited to the payments made to it by the Customer. Under no circumstances will inBliss be liable for any immediate or consequential damages caused to the Customer. Claims against inBliss must be submitted within one month of installing the Delivery.

18. Transfer of the Agreement

The Customer may not transfer the rights or obligations under the Subscription Agreement to another party without the written consent of inBliss.

19. Intellectual Property Rights and Patents

Customer purchases a license for the software provided by inBliss. To the extent specified in the delivery, the Customer receives unlimited access to inBliss movie content. The intellectual property rights in the inBliss software and movies belong to inBliss. The Customer must take reasonable and systematic steps, as necessary, to prevent illegal copies of the software and movies provided by inBliss. inBliss owns patent number 123438 for its technology-covering inBliss Frame solution. The patent has been approved in Finland and the USA.

20. Confidentiality and data protection

The Customer agrees to keep commercial information, such as inBliss's prices and price components and other information considered confidential, confidential and to use the confidential information only for the purposes of the agreement with inBliss.
inBliss may retain information related to orders, agreements, and customer relationships for processing and transfer to third parties (e.g., finance companies) to the extent required to perform the agreement. The customer agrees to the transfer of his data to third parties to the extent necessary to fulfill the contract or to fulfill any other legal obligation that forms the basis of the transfer.
inBliss may take photographs of the completed inBliss delivery at the Customer's site, and publish them and basic demonstrations of the solutions from the inBliss delivery in the target demonstrations of its own presentation material and website. inBliss may publish the presentation material of the subscriber's logo and a reference presentation on its website.

21. Force majeure

inBliss shall not be liable for any delay or damage beyond its control which inBliss cannot reasonably be expected to have taken into account in making the Offer and the Delivery Agreement. Such a force majeure is considered to be, for example, a strike against an inBliss subcontractor. inBliss must immediately notify the Customer of the force majeure and its termination.

22. Disagreements

Finnish law is applied to these delivery terms and the contractual relationship between the Customer and inBliss. Disputes between the parties are primarily resolved through mutual negotiations and, if necessary, in the Helsinki District Court. inBliss reserves the right to change or make additions to these general terms of delivery at any time.