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inBliss Oy is a Finnish expert-, service- and software company founded in 2009. We are the most advanced, versatile and user-friendly Smart Building system on the market, with an All-in-one solution that combines modern and automatic management of spaces, visits and presentation content with custom display solutions for all spaces. The easy-to-use inBliss system is always suitable for managing the customer base from a single space up to several buildings.
inBliss products bring functionality, guidance and information to the premises, as well as new kinds of experiences and moods as stylish total solutions. inBliss stands out for its elegance, ease of use and versatility.
The company's growth continues to be strong. Today, the inBliss system is in use e.g. at the headquarters of several of Finland's largest companies and in more than half of the business parks in the Helsinki metropolitan area, as well as in museums, libraries, shopping centers, shops and restaurants. In addition, inBliss is e.g. KONE's certified supplier of elevator display solutions. The inBliss company is also designing elevator solutions for the tallest building in the world, Greek Tower, which will be built in Dubai.
Our content package of display solutions and applications comprehensively contains all the necessary options and possibilities from guidance and visitor management to visual mood landscapes. 
Our own software development team guarantees an affordable and flexible customized service and open, new-generation software code for easy integration with external sources. 
The hardware and device technology consists of reliable, industry-standard components and devices from the largest international producers. Our in-house developed and patented inBliss Frame™ -framing solution hides all the technology and makes our display solutions the most unique in the market.

Finnish forerunner

inBliss services and products are known for their high quality and have the high degree of domesticity.
The company has invested heavily in product development using its own system and software development team.
inBliss products enhance the interior design and safety of facilities. Our product offering increases comfort and bring cost savings through functional integrations, automation, staff cost savings and reduced lifecycle costs.
The comprehensive product offering includes e.g. industry-standard monitors and computers, versatile content packages, patented (FIN&USA) inBliss Frame™ solutions from our standard collection or fully customized, easy-to-use and versatile software including inBliss Space Management and inBliss Visitor Management systems, as well as mobile applications and automated Smart IoT-sensoring.

Kirsi Astren

Founding Partner
+358 40 589 5771

Timo Koivisto

Founding Partner

Niklas Nummelin

Head of Project Management and Maintenance, Partner
+358 45 787 67967

Jere Astren

COO, Partner
+358 40 585 6773

Jeremias Rannisto

Sales Manager
+358 50 512 0824

Riki Markkanen

Sales Coordinator

Evan Biette

Strategy Consultant at inBliss USA

Daniel Kalhor

Structural Designer

Arttu Jalonen

System Development

Jarkko Niemi

System Development

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