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Cloud-based inBliss All in One Smart Building System promotes the day-to-day operations of properties and companies and improves the user experience. The new generation technology enables its users to have an inspiring, effortless and experiential IoT environment. The inBliss All in One Smart Building System includes all the most well-known property, premises, display and visitor management systems. The Smart Building system consists of inBliss space reservation, visitor management, Digital Signage content management, internal communications, Smart IoT sensoring and inBliss various mobile applications. All of our applications in the system run in real time in a synchronous, easy-to-use browser interface. 
We offer innovative systems and an easy-to-use inBliss browser interface to combine and diversify functions, save resources, improve space utilization and bring cost savings to the company. With our comprehensive smart solutions, we can turn the regular building into the modern smart building.  
Our own in-house software development-, service- and maintenance team guarantees an affordable and flexible service that allows us to offer several optional functionalities according to the needs of the site. We tailor the solution just for your needs.

inBliss Space Management

inBliss Space Management solution works as part of the comprehensive inBliss Smart Building system or a standalone software. It is the most versatile and user-friendly booking software solution for companies of all sizes.
inBliss Space Management system offers the easiest way to reserve and manage spaces remotely via cloud-based inBliss interface.
The innovative software can also be connected to doorway and lobby screens as well as Ad hoc reservations, sensors and indicator lights. The space reservation includes integration with the Outlook calendar software (O365) already in use at the destination.

inBliss Visitor Management

inBliss Visitor Management system is part of the inBliss All in One Smart Building System. It is an easy tool for lobbyists or can even replace lobby staff completely with modern technology.
inBliss Visitor Management system also allows self-registration, which allows visits to be managed even in buildings where there are no lobby persons at all. In connection with self-registration, it is possible to customize a message to guests that includes, for example, instructions or a welcome message.
There may be several self-check-in points, or visitor kiosks, targeted at different visitor groups in order manage queues at peak times. The Visitor Management solution offers smarter and easier ways to manage the whole visiting experience. 

inBliss Mobile Applications

inBliss Real Estate Application

inBliss Real Estate Application is an advanced mobile application designed for the needs of modern business and real estate. The easy-to-use application increases the utilization rate of services and improves, for example, the flow of information and security in companies and Business Parks. It serves property owners, service providers, tenants and building users. inBliss Real Estate Application brings an old-fashioned intranet to your mobile and makes its use much more efficient.

inBliss Space Management Application

inBliss Space Booking Application can be part of the Real Estate Application or a standalone application for quick and easy space bookings anywhere. It works as part of the inBliss Space Reservation system in sync with the doorway screens and lobby aggregation screens. All inBliss Applications are made for both iOS and Android versions.

inBliss Digital Signage content management system

inBliss Digital Signage content management system is part of a complete All in One solution or can operate as a stand-alone system anywhere on a property that requires easy and simple content management for displays. 
inBliss provides a comprehensive administrator service, which means that the contents of the screens can be managed remotely by inBliss. An alternative is also an end-user service, where the customer can manage the contents of the screens in an easy-to-use browser interface. The service always includes end-customer implementation training. 
Digital Signage content management system enables modern and customizable guidance from lobby information screens to elevators and corridor signs as well as doorway screens.  
inBliss Digital Signage system can also be used to enhance acute and emergency communication on selected monitors or Mobile Applications. 

inBliss Smart IoT sensoring

The inBliss system is the only domestic solution where Smart IoT sensors are integrated into a comprehensive building space management and presentation technology.
IoT sensors allow meeting rooms, workstations and ad hoc spaces to be booked and vacated automatically only by navigating the space. Sensor data also provides important information on the occupancy rate of the premises for property development. Condition sensors provide a wide range of information on air quality and distance sensors on, for example, the utilization rate of hand papers. 
The analyzed data can be utilized in new property development projects. For example, more responsible energy usage of the building.


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inBliss Smart Building system consists of open interfaces into which other systems used in the building can also be integrated so that the user experiences everything happening seamlessly in the same system.
This simplifies and clarifies the functions of the entire building.  
Integrations that can be implemented are e.g. access control, locking, elevator functions, calendar systems, menus, and other building services.

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