inBliss Mobile Applications

inBliss Real Estate Application
The clear and easy-to-use application has been developed for large or multi-complex buildings. It enables effortless and real-time communication within all property users. The modern and agile mobile application replaces many heavy systems from extranets to fault reporting systems and print walls.It will benefit in particular; tenant companies, restaurants, a service company or team, and the property management. 
inBliss Space Reservation Application
You can reserve and cancel spaces quickly with your own mobile app. the inBliss Space Reservation app work synchronously with inBliss Space Management and other applications. The information is updated in real time in the inBliss cloud environment.
Updating the content
The content of applications is easily manageable and upgrdable directly from the inBliss interface. 
The content works independently or in sync with the inBliss information screens, in which case the information is automatically updated at the same time on all the building's screens. 
Basic contents include; companies, contact information, property information, building notification channel, bug reports, feedback, restaurant menus and price lists, and all bookings.
inBliss Space Reservation Application
Reservations are often made away from the desk. That is why we have developed our own application for an easy booking. It allows you to reserve and free up space or other resources with just a few clicks from anywhere. We reduced the content to the most essential:
  • Easy calendar view of rooms to be booked
  • View of all your bookings
  • Confidentiality selection is available so that the doorway and lobby screens do not show the subject of the reservation if wanted. 

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